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What is Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a soft tissue manual therapy that triggers the innate self-healing mechanisms of the body.
Through gentle touch on specific and precise areas of the skin, the body’s powerful fascial system is stimulated, leading to healing and relaxation.


The Bowen move is a very gentle but powerful rolling motion that sends subtle vibrational impulses to the brain which stimulates a whole body response to reset and balance. Bowen is capable of addressing every system in the body. Some conditions that often respond favourably to Bowen include, but are not limited to:



Back pain and Sciatica
Earache and TMJ problems
Migraines and other types of headaches
Respiratory problems and Hay Fever
Sports and other traumatic injuries
Menstrual and hormonal irregularities
Groin pain, pelvic tilt and uneven leg length
Digestive and bowel problems
Hip, knee, ankle and foot problems
Sinus problems
Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Tennis Elbow
Carpal Tunnel problems
Neck and shoulder pain, including Frozen Shoulder

About Me

I am a Certified Bowen Health Therapist (CBHT) trained at Bowen College in Vancouver, British Columbia. I was also certified in Hormone ReleaseThe Bowen Way in Ottawa in September 2022.

I grew up on the Prairies with the sun and the snow and the wide open spaces of a Saskatchewan acreage with an affinity for rescuing dogs, playing sports, and enjoying my friends.

I share life with 1 superb partner and 3 incredible children who keep me laughing and moving and learning.

From 2004-2019 we made our home in Nairobi, Kenya where I began challenging my mindset about many things, including key aspects of how we nourish ourselves, move our bodies, heal, and recover.

In 2009 I experienced my first Bowen treatment for a compromised left shoulder which recalibrated fully in just one session. Needless to say, I was intrigued.
The study and practice of Bowenfirst Therapy has been my main focus ever since then and I’ve been a student of this needed and powerful harmonizing modality since 2015.

I invite you to come and experience how your body is capable of rebalancing and healing itself.


Linda T

I was having major leg cramps 24/7 and at my wits end. Sleep deprivation is not fun. I was in for my monthly chiro maintenance appointment when I noticed that Bowen was being offered by Jeannie. I spoke to her about Bowen and decided to give it a try. Changed my life! I can’t remember how many treatments I had but after the first one I already noticed a change. I go for maintenance when I feel the need. Jeannie is very caring, listens to my concerns and goes from there. Her desire is to do her utmost to help!

Bharti K.

I tried Bowen for the first time with Jeannie last summer. I had pain in my leg and back leading to sore neck and headaches. Bowen therapy helped me immensely with my headaches and pain. It’s such a gentle therapy that you wonder if it’s really gonna help but its technique is quite deep working with the fascia! Jeannie is phenomenal- she is knowledgeable, humble and believes in you! Thank you so much Jeannie:)

Bernadette K

Working with Jeannie has been an absolute pleasure. She is both friendly and knowledgeable and you can feel she sincerely cares about her clients. Bowen Therapy has been tremendously beneficial in my life. It has helped me with everything from excruciating jaw pain (because of clenching and grinding my teeth…. And bonus I no longer have to wear a night guard!) to knee, ankle, back and shoulder pain. Bowen Therapy is not like anything I tried before…and I tried many things- but I was intrigued on how the body can heal itself, so I gave it a chance and am so so grateful I did!


What should I wear?
Wear or bring light-weight, loose fitting clothing. Please don’t wear compression yoga-style leggings. You can also choose to receive Bowen Therapy in your underthings while being covered with a light blanket so you’re comfortable and warm.
What can I expect during my treatment?
Bowen Therapy is unique because it incorporates pauses and breaks between sets of maneuvers, which allows your brain time to process the new stimulus. Our goal is to rebalance your Autonomic Nervous System, and so restricting extra noise and stimulation is important during the session. As a result, the treatment room is softly lit, you will be encouraged to keep your eyes closed to limit extra inputs and allow your body to focus on the Bowen move and its response. Talking and communication takes place before the session begins. You will start lying on your front, and then you will be asked to turn over to lie on your back once during the session.
What should I do after a treatment?
You’ll be provided with a sheet of instructions for specific do’s and don’ts, but essentially I’ll encourage you to stay hydrated, move gently throughout the day, and take a relaxing walk if possible. A follow-up visit will be scheduled so that we can continue to layer the treatments.
How many visits will I need?
This is highly dependent on your body, but typically you will observe your body responding, changing, and adjusting by the 2nd or 3rd visit. Your body is in charge of the pace. Some long-held tensions take longer. If lifestyle factors (sitting for extended periods of time, challenging work ergonomics, etc.) are unchanging, you will benefit from regular Bowen. Frequency of Bowen sessions will be determined during consultation.
I see a doctor for my injury. Can Bowen Therapy help?
Bowen is considered a complementary modality, which means it will enhance other traditional approaches; Bowen Therapy will not interfere with other treatments. It is best to limit the number of modalities for several days before and after a Bowen session (including massage, sauna, physiotherapy, ice/heat, etc.) as they might interfere with the input enacted by the subtle & gentle Bowen move.

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